Cityworks AMS Introduction Part I

0.5 days
ArcGIS Version


About this Course
Leverage the power of GIS-Centric Asset Management
This training course covers topics related to Cityworks AMS from an end-user perspective. Attendees will gain a firm understanding of the following aspects of Cityworks AM: the Cityworks homepage, interacting with the map and service request workflows and capabilities (creation, geolocating an address, adding caller information, searching service requests).
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand how the Cityworks homepage functions
  • Work through all the map functionality such as locating a caller on the map, etc. 
  • Learn the reactive workflow related to Service Requests 
  • Create Service Requests, geocode and locate a caller's address on the map, etc. 
  • Search and update Service Requests 
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