Cityworks Permits, Licensing and Land (PLL) End-User Training

1 day
ArcGIS Version


About this Course
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This training course covers topics related to Cityworks Permits, Licensing and Land (PLL) functionality from an end-user perspective. By using real world use-cases, attendees will gain a firm understanding of the following aspects of Cityworks PLL: 
  • Navigating and understanding the Cityworks homepage 
  • Interacting with the map and leveraging its features 
  • Processing case workflows to complete reviews, issue permits and perform inspection 
  • Explore available search capabilities 
  • View and export reports
After completing this course, participants will be able to: 
  • Understand how the Cityworks homepage functions (from the perspective of PLL) 
  • Work through all the map functionality such as searching property history, location of existing applications and creating applications from the map. 
  • Create an application for a permit or license, link the application to a GIS parcel and process the application by performing tasks. 
  • Search and update permit or license applications. 
  • Understand reporting functionality
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